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High Performabce Compact Machine
High speed 12 to 30 head embroidery machine with a maximum speed of 1000rpm. With a LAN connection and networking makes production control easier than you ever imagined.

Featuring Barudan's proven production-enhancing rotary sewing head, the DSH Series machine is excellent for stitching all types of flat goods.


Standard Features
  • Large 600 x 300/500 sewing field. (1000 x 300/500 special order)
  • Huge 600 x 6000 continuous sewing field. (1000 x 6000 special order)
  • 9 needles.
  • Industrial-strength construction.
  • AC Servo motor pantograph.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • User-friendly, icon-based machine operation; standard throughout the entire Barudan line.
  • Under head light.
  • Thread clamps hold threads in place to prevent pull outs.
  • Automatic color change.
  • Automatic thread trimmers.
  • Built-in 3.5" disk drive.
  • 348,000 stitch capacity in 10 patterns. Expandable up to 10 million stitches.
  • Automatic speed control ensures optimum stitch quality.
  • 1,600 stitch automend and stitch backup.
  • Ability to update software from disk.
  • Function List allows you to quickly and easily change color sequence in one screen.
  • Internal battery backup and origin reference allow you to restart quickly and accurately even after a power failure.
  • Reads and stores most popular embroidery machine formats.
  • Automatic return to origin.
  • Automatic thread break detector.
  • Program jog movements.
  • Variable sewing speed from 200 to 1,000 stitches per minute. Can be adjusted to suit each individual application.
  • Perimeter trace allows you to trace the outline of a design to ensure proper placement of design.
  • Digitally float to any stitch in a design.
  • Visual pattern preview.
  • Backup disk of all patterns stored in memory can easily be created or restored with one simple command.
  • Matrix - Repeats single pattern up to 400 times horizontally & vertically.

Standard Accessories
BEDSH-YN-B30S 600X240X350
  • 1 - 32MB CompactFlash card
  • Tool Box with Basic Tools, Supplies and Lubricants
  • Machine Manual
  • Parts Book

Recommended Accessories
90B10H58 One Touch Frame Guide Set (Bridge)
BFR110460194 One Touch Frame Assembly (460x194, Bridge)
FR10090A Inner Frame, 9cm, without base
FR10120A Inner Frame, 12cm, without base
FR10150A Inner Frame, 15cm, brown, without base
FR10190A Inner Frame, 19cm, brown, without base
FR930021 Spider Inner Frame, 15cm
FR930031 Spider Inner Frame, 12cm
FR930041 Spider Inner Frame, 9cm
FR930721 Double Spider Frame Assembly for H-450
On-Site Installation/Machine Training for 2hd-30hd machines
BSSC100006 Barudan's TES Modifier I (Includes Stitch Processing)
BSSC100007 Barudan's TES Modifier II (Includes Stitch Processing and Stitches to Blocks)
BSSC200010 Barudan's TES Creator (Includes Realistic Embroidery Simulator)
BSSC200011 Barudan's TES Creator Advanced
BSSC200013 Barudan's TES Creator Professional
BSSC200002 PhotoStitch (standard on Advanced & Pro)
BSSC200005 AutoPunch (standard on Pro)
BSSS100003 Full Lettering Option for Modifier I or II
BSSS100004 Full Lettering Option for Creator
ZN30140 Serial Cable

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