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Elite Pro

The Professional Machine for Professional Demands...
Meet the Elite Pro, the machine that meets your needs!! Professionally engineered like our larger models. Low maintenance sewing head. Industrial-strength frames. The Elite Pro is built to handle anything from a simple job to the toughest production schedules.

Whether you're interested in turning your hobby into a business or adding more profits to an existing business, the Barudan Elite Pro is the answer. With sewing speeds of up to 1,200 spm, an extra large 13"x19" sewing field and a memory of 10 million stitches - no job is too large for this lightweight Compact machine.

The Barudan line will support you every step of the way, as your business grows and it's time to add equipment. All of our Barudan machines have the same basic operation. So, once you learn to use your Elite Pro, it's easy to move into to a larger model without a lot of extra training.

The Elite PRO, a Productive, Reliable, Opportunity for ANYONE!!

Standard Features
  • 15 needles
  • Sewing speed of up to 1,200 stitches per minute - can be adjusted to suit each individual application.
  • Sews caps, flat and tubular goods; quick changeover between products
  • 330mm x 500mm sewing field
  • Radius cylinder arm for highest quality embroidery on finished caps
  • QS Frame Attachment for positive indexing and perfect registration
  • Individual take-up levers
  • Automatic thread trimmers cut both top and bottom threads
  • Automatic detector for both top and bobbin thread breaks
  • Automatic color change
  • Easy-to-read oversized LCD operator display
  • User-friendly, icon-based machine operation; standard throughout the Barudan line
  • Error code shown with icon
  • 65,000 stitch/10 pattern memory capacity
  • CF Card (CompactFlash Card) memory expands total capacity to over 10 million stitches
  • 1,600 stitch back-up
  • Network capabilities
  • Stand-by function - Allows quick recovery from a power failure
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Heavy-duty construction

Standard Accessories
  • 2 - 330mm x 438mm Blue Frames
  • 2 - 12cm Round Frames
  • 2 - 15cm Round Frames
  • "Advantage Plus" Cap Frame System - consists of quick-install drive unit, framing device and 2 cap frames
  • 1 - 32MB CompactFlash card
  • CF Write software, which transfers embroidery patterns from your PC to your CompactFlash card
  • Tool Box with Basic Tools, Supplies and Lubricants

Recommended Accessories
A100591 CompactFlash Reader/Writer (USB)
P710953 Cart for Elite Pro
A100588 Wheels for Elite Cart (4 required)
NB1001 Thread Kit (15 cones) Order one kit per sewing head
NB1002 Extra Hoop Set (520) field) 2 ea. 9cm, 18cm, 300x290mm hoops
NB1050 Supply Kit - A selection of backings, bobbins, needles, adhesives & tools and more.
NB2005 NBV 2004 Welcome Package w/*Unlimited NBV training and support plus NBV Deluxe Welcome Kit with 5,000+ designs, product catalogs and samples, embroidery club memberships and more.
NB9004 Balboa Threadworks Blue Book Library (with machine purchase only)
MK120001 Elite Pro Table Top
SJ730280 Sleeve Framing Device
SJ730420 Elite Pro Sleeve Frame Assembly
B98600005 HoopMaster Kit (2-Size & Jacket Kit: 12cm, 15cm & 290x300)
B98600006 HoopMaster Kit (3-Size & Jacket Kit: 12cm, 15cm, 18cm & 290x300)
B98500300 Quick Change 7 in 1 Frames (520)
ICTCS Tubular Clamping System w/3 windows + arms For 520
ZFR9109A520A 9cm Hoop (520 Field)
ZFR9118A520A 18cm Hoop (520 Field)
ZFR92300290A52A 290x300 Hoop (520 Field)
EFP008186 Pocket Frame Assembly
EFP008187 Bucket Cap Adapter
EFP008188 Pocket Framing Device
EFP000406 Spectacle System NT (QS)
EFP000407 9cm Spectacle Hoop w/clips (QS/520)
EFP000408 12cm Spectacle Hoop w/clips (QS/520)
EFP000409 15cm Spectacle Hoop w/clips (QS/520)
EFP000415 Spectacle System Bridge (QS)
On-Site Installation/Machine Training Elite Junior
BSSC100006 Barudan's TES Modifier I
BSSC100007 Barudan's TES Modifier II
BSSC200010 Barudan's TES Creator
BSSC200011 Barudan's TES Creator Advanced
BSSC200013 Barudan's TES Creator Professional
BSSC200002 PhotoStitch (standard on Advanced & Pro)
BSSC200005 AutoPunch (standard on Pro)
BSSS100003 Full Lettering Option for Modifier I or II
BSSS100004 Full Lettering Option for Creator
ZN30140 Serial Cable

All specifications subject to change without notice.

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