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The Barudan embroidery machine line is the ultimate production workhorse. The line's simple, efficient and effective design provides the best possible results. But, we just don't say we're the best. We'll show you why.

1. Super Strong, Heavy-Duty Machine Frame :
  Provides superb stability and less movement, which translates into superior sewing quality at all speeds.

2. Superior Strength Pantograph:
  Provides maximum torsional stability for all types of goods even the heaviest jackets. There¡¯s less movement ensuring better quality. Driven by two five-phase stepping motors, Barudan¡¯s pantograph provides the highest level of registration and machine reliability of any machine on the market.

3. Suspended Drive System with Multiple Drive Points:
  Allows for less friction on the table and gives the machine the ability to achieve greater sewing speeds with increased accuracy.

4. Heavy Duty "ZERO-FLEX" Tubular Support Arms:
  Larger and stronger than the competition! Totally eliminates sagging and registration problems. Nothing beats a Barudan when it comes to stitching small, high-quality lettering.

5. Barudan Hoop System:
  The tubular, double height hoops hold securely with less possibility of garment pull out. This same hoop allows for easier, faster, straighter hooping, less operator effort and increased garment hold. "A Barudan First in 1991"

6. Precision 5-Phase Stepper Motors:
  A standard on all Barudan models. Ensures accurate, precise embroidery. You can expect the same quality of sewing on every size machine in our line, a Barudan trademark. With speeds up to 1,000 spm on multi-head machines, you shouldn¡¯t expect anything less than the best!

7. Barudan "Designed" Electronics:
  Electronics for all units are specifically designed for embroidery. Barudan does not rely on off-the-shelf "sewing machine" technology. Now with the introduction of CompactFlash memory, you can store and operate your machine with up to 42 million stitches per card, as well as run your jobs straight from this card.


Power Failure Back Up:
  There¡¯s no need to worry about losing your work due to a power failure. The Barudan machine features a recovery system which picks up at the interrupted stitch.

9. Four Point Perimeter Trace:
  Trace the outside perimeter of your design before you begin sewing. This allows the operator to verify on the machine the centering of the design within the hoop.

10. Viewing Feature:
  View before you sew. Actually see your design and starting point on the machine¡¯s automat before the first stitch goes down. "The first machine on the market with this feature in 1988"

11. Radius (Curved) Cylinder Arm:
  This feature follows the inside curve of the cap frames, reducing flagging and distortion. Allows caps to be sewn as if they were flat. Sewing area is 15" wide x 2 7/8" high. Barudan is the industry standard in finished cap production. "A Barudan First in 1996"

12. Changeover from Flats to Caps and Back Again:
  One person can make the change without any tools. Changeover takes less than one minute per head. Forget about needle plate replacements, pantograph or frame adjustments. Plus, with a Barudan you can even embroider shirts and caps at the same time on the same machine.

13. Mark 5 Thread Cutting System:
  Barudan¡¯s Mark 5 system has proven itself time and again. It¡¯s reliable and efficient. This cutting system cuts both top thread and the bobbin thread cleanly and precisely.

14. Enclosed Hook Assembly:
  Most competitors have an open hook mechanism - try to sew a wool knit cap or a loose garment! On a Barudan nothing is exposed on the cylinder arm. This helps prevent damage to products or injury to an operator.

15. Easy-To-Thread Presser Foot:
  Threading couldn¡¯t be easier, with our split presser foot design. One pass through the needle does it. Faster. Easier. More productive. Plus, this eliminates any problems with thread twisting around the needle.

16. Individual Needle Thread Clamps:
  Each thread is held firmly in place, reducing thread pullouts and false starts. This system requires a minimal amount of thread past the needle to enable proper hook pickup. Barudan machines do not rely on "refrigerator magnet technology" to hold thread in place while not sewing.

17. Needle Depth Adjustments:
  With a Barudan machine, you adjust needle depth only once per head. All needles on that head are automatically adjusted. Saves time and increases production. Competitors¡¯ machines require adjustments for every single needle.

18. 5/3/2 Year Limited Warranty Program:
  We offer the longest warranty in the industry for good reason. All of our lockstitch machines are warranted for 5 years on the main motor, 3 years on electronic parts/boards and 2 years on all remaining parts. Barudan is the oldest manufacturer of computerized embroidery equipment in the world. We have been building the best since 1959. This warranty covers you and gets your company off on the right track with the support and service you would expect from the industry leader.

19. Long Term Factory Support:
  Barudan supports every machine we sell for as long as parts for the machine are available. In some cases, that¡¯s longer than some of our competitors have been making embroidery equipment.

20. Same Parts, Industrial Quality:
  The basic operational parts in the ZN and ZQ heads are the same dependable parts, which have been in all of our sewing heads for the last ten years. There¡¯s only one quality standard for Barudan machines - we build the best! The same proven sewing heads and electronic technology are used on all of our machines.

21. Cap Frame:
  American built with the American market in mind. With the help from companies such as New Era Caps and Nike, Barudan has set the new standard in finished cap embroidery.

22. Spectacle Framing:
  Non-stop embroidery. Increase the production on the machine by 40%. This is an exclusive Barudan patented production product. "A Barudan Innovation in 1993"

23. ETL Approval:
  Barudan machines first received ETL certification in 1988. Now, all of Barudan's multi-needle machines for the U.S. market are ETL certified to UL Standard 1594.

24. Our People:
  With over 45 years experience serving customers around the world, we have a tremendous amount of knowledge and are willing to share this knowledge to make your business a success. From plant layout to production techniques, along with quality products, it's our objective to align ourselves with our customers as a partner in their future.

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